pass the straw. i need me some gold.

September 11, 2011

my first week as a phd student was rough.
i could tell you all the little whiney stories
that literally drove me to drink.

i could tell you about being behind in my reading,
or how my students were . . . less than talkative in class.
or how i (wrongfully!) received a parking ticket that i have to now appeal.
or how my online rent payment didn’t go through making it 8 days late.
or how mo snuck out of bed in the middle of the night to drop a deuce,
and i stepped in the puddle of pee that accompanied it.

but i won’t.
i’m classier than that,
and no one likes a whiner.

besides, i spent a lovely saturday afternoon with the ladies of the loft
that erased any negative feelings from the previous week.

this future spinner is the newest loft lady,
learning the ways of wool from her mimi, beth smith.
(who is far too young and hip to be a grandma!)

i’m not really a baby person,
but this one seemed pretty cool.
unlike some asshole babies i’ve met,
i could sorta see the appeal of this one.

but since she’s not for sale
i settled for taking my spinning wheel home with me.
this is mo’s little sister; i can somehow tell she’s a girl,
but i haven’t named her yet.
like any doting father
i think she’s the best wheel in the world.
the wood is absolutely beautiful.
she even has a knot-wood beauty mark.
she’s currently hanging out in my bedroom
until a proper place of honor can be made in the living room.

what’s that on the bobbin you ask?
why that’s what i’ll be wearing to rhinebeck of course!

10 Responses to “pass the straw. i need me some gold.”

  1. The loft is fabulous and your new baby girl is spectacular. I can’t wait to see what you create.

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    First, the fact that you’re spinning your Rhinebeck for this year just boggles my mind.

    Since I’m convinced my wheel is indeed a sentient being, she too has a name. I named her Hazel Carter, after my great grandma who was the wildest and most fun one in the family. I also had a rowdy great aunt Mable, who will likely be my next wheel. I figure I needed names associated with fun and just a bit of outrageousness to keep me inspired.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I’m so excited for you that you finally got your wheel! Enjoy her.

  4. Nancy Paris Says:

    Dear Steven,
    About naming the spinning wheel? What is the wood? If it is maple, then maple, last name syrup. Birch? Burchy.
    About kids not speaking in class? First, give a prompt in class and ask them to write a (supposedly graded) response. After you do this a few times then give them a choice. Would you like to just discuss this orally? They should jump at the chance. If not, go back to writing for a while. They should pick up on the fact that speaking in class is easier than writing. (even though it is an writng class, I assume.)
    For now, they figure they can just sit there and let you do all the heavy lifting. Another option, give them a (hopelfully provocative) discussion question, tell them to come back prepared to discuss. Next class, form them into discussion groups and, importantly, walk around with a clipboard with a class roster on it. Heh heh. Every once in a while look at the list and make a fake mark, but mostly enjoy listening to the discussions.
    Hate a know it all who wants to solve problems, not just listen. You probably already knew all this, but, maybe not . . .
    Nancy Paris

  5. Lizz Says:

    Thanks for subtle prod in the direction of working on what I’m wearing to Rhinebeck.. I know you didn’t mean it specifically for me, but I’m going to pretend you did in the hopes that it will spur me into working on an existing project and not starting something new.
    The wheel is beautiful, I’m jealous! How about calling her Aurora, in reference to Sleeping Beauty?

  6. kris Says:

    In naming your spinning wheel, how about Brigid,or another Celtic name, spinning seems earthy to me

  7. Nicole Says:

    I just realized that I was in line for an olive burger behind Beth Smith at the Michigan Fiber Festival three weeks ago! I have not been to the Spinning Loft yet, but I am sure my travels will take me there eventually – it’s not too far a drive for me – and I will be able to introduce myself properly.

    I’m glad that your rough week had such a lovely ending – your baby girl is gorgeous. I think I would name her Alice.

  8. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    YOU GOT YOUR WHEEL!! So happy for you! Spin yourself silly. Also, I am going to start using the term “drop a duece.” Awesome

  9. Hope Says:

    It’s lucky for them, that we love our animals. I don’t appreciate the gifts they leave in the night. Thank goodness it isn’t often!

    Your spinning wheel is lovely. She looks like a Beatrice to me, stunning and regal!

  10. Anonymous, too Says:

    It seems you’ve been seduced by that wheel. . .so I’d suggest the name of some famous seductress. Maybe Jezebel, Salome, Delila, Circe, or even Mata Hari, Natasha Fatale, Alex Forrest, or Jessica Rabbit. . .

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