August 29, 2011

ugh. i will never knit a gift for someone again.
i get too stressed as to whether or not they like it.
from now on, i’m giving my knits to strangers.


17 Responses to “microblog”

  1. kelley k. Says:

    im totally for it – as i am a stranger. but i also think you need not worry about people loving the awesomeness of what you make them.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Am I strange enough? :o)

  3. Kamigaeru Says:

    Did your friend request this knit, or was it a total and unasked- for surprise? Regardless, if this person is truly your friend, I think they would love what you made them. Whoever it is should consider themselves lucky!!

    You knit a piece of yourself into the things you give away, so that is to be appreciated as much as the warmth and comfort of the item itself. At least that’s how I view it. (Though there’s nothing wrong with gifting to total strangers, either! That’s another one of life’s joys.)

  4. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    1. I would now like to be considered a stranger.

    2. I knit stuff for sale at shows and I’m fine with that – they either buy it or they don’t and there’s no pressure. Knitting for someone I know as a gift, I’m usually a total wreck. It’s worth it (and they have to be knit-worthy, y’know), but definitely more pressure. I just gave the Conifer Shawl I knitted to a friend as a thank you and she loved it so much I almost cried.

    3. Knitting custom orders are the worst, I don’t take many of those anymore ’cause I just freak out the whole time since they’re paying me.

  5. CarolP Says:

    I’m a stranger ~ although you met me at Sock Summit.

    I’ve seen the incredible knits that you do on your blog.
    They are wonderful ~ what’s not to like? You are a fabulous
    knitter! Anyone who receive your knitted gifts are very lucky people and I’m sure they LOVE their gifts!

    I bet you are a fantastic teacher too! Keep up the wonderful work that you do and remember how amazing you are!

  6. Hope Says:

    I get stressed out about whether or not they’ll properly care for it. Or even wear it if they are worried about properly caring for it. Ah, well, I love to knit and cannot own it all so give it away, give it away, give it away!

    (My enjoyment is in the knitting- eff them if they don’t like all my hard work!)

  7. Audry Says:

    I think it depends on who it is and how much time you are putting into it. I don’t think I’d gift knit a shawl to a non knitter. I did make one for my grandmother and great-aunt. But they were both knitters, so I knew they’d appreciate it.

    I would gift knit a worsted weight hat or mittens to a non knitter. Usually I ask the eventual recipient that if I hypothetically were to knit them something, what would they hypothetically like to have.

  8. Jenn Says:

    This is why I mostly knit for myself (and for other knitters). Giving knits to strangers makes me sort of twitchy. I mean, you don’t have the emotional attachment but maybe that stranger is kind of an ass and leaves it on the bus or what have you.

  9. Brooke Says:

    I hear you! It is stressful to knit a specific thing for someone.. all the time and effort – and non-knitters don’t get it. That is why I enjoy my version of yarn bombing. I got a bunch of knitters to knit beanie caps – then I put them in zip lock bags with notes that read “you’ve been yarn bombed! Here is a hand knit hat to keep your noggin’ warm” – then we “hid” them in somewhat obvious places in a local park. I went so far as to go into mens’ bathrooms and duct taped bags to the stall doors, in trees, etc. All places where we knew homeless dudes hung out after dark. Next yarn bomb is going to be “sleeves” for to-go coffees. We will have a basket of them at local coffee shops…less cardboard in our landfills.

  10. Jan at Cat Crap Hill Says:

    You could knit the Hindenburg and I’d accept it with joy. But that’s just me. Just sayin’.

  11. Anonymous, too Says:

    Silly young Jedi, you have two potential gift recipients who are guaranteed not to complain (much): Mo and your mom. Mo might complain a little if a sweater isn’t comfortable. By the Code of Mom Laws, your mom may complain you spent too much or you should have spent your time on your studies. Otherwise, the Code requires her to absolutely love anything you make for her for:

    1.) at least as long as it takes for the object to completely disintegrate from age,
    2.) for you to make her another one (this does not apply to grandchildren), or
    3.) for you to insist that it now embarasses you, whichever comes first.

  12. Bonnie Says:

    I really dislike trying to knit surprises for others. This isn’t like buying a blender–this takes hours and hours of my life (and yarn is expensive).

  13. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    I can be pretty strange, as you already know.

    That’s exactly why I like to knit for babies! They don’t complain, but their mothers might.

  14. pickyknitter Says:

    Heya, I just checked my blog and found your comment about my comment about that shawl in Stardust. No, I am no closer to finding out more about it *sob*, but I still think of it… I told someone how great it was just last week. Sigh… The Pickyknitter.

  15. lorraine Says:

    your blog makes me smile..ive actually been accused of cheaping out on the yarns when i make a gift! people are on to me 😉 its not my fault i want to keep all the yummy yarns for myself!

  16. Maja Says:

    I totally do the same thing! I make them, then put them on a cabinet where they remain until I meet someone I hardly know at work or something, dig out a hat, then viola> Thought I was the only one who felt that pressure!

  17. Sylvia Says:

    I think strange is better. A friend of mine destroyed a baby blanket I made for her, and I cannot face seeing that happen again. I was hoping that blanket would be something her daughter would have for years. It looks like the cat puked it up.

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