“it’s a car wash ladies and gentlemen”

August 24, 2011

as you who read this blog know well,
i am slowly paying for my spinning wheel.
i’m very close to having it paid off,
and in a couple weeks,
it will be mine.

someone has gotten me that much closer;
an unnamed “sugar mama” sent beth some money on my behalf.

beth will not reveal who this is.
i’m supposed to figure it out on my own.
not knowing is kinda killing me a little.
it’s like hearing the best gossip ever,
but not knowing who it’s about.

the irish blood in me makes it difficult to accept such a generous gift, while the poor-ass fiber whore in me says shut up and take it already!

so to whomever it was who paid for a portion of my wheel,
i say thank you. i am truly grateful for your kindness,
and i dedicate this video to you.

(i’m gonna find you!)

7 Responses to ““it’s a car wash ladies and gentlemen””

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    No idea who your generous benefactor is, but as one who has had to learn the same lesson lately (how to accept help gracefully and realize your acceptance is a gift back to that person), I’d say block out the Irish blood for just a moment and listen to the poor-ass fiber whore. And really, it is a gift back to the giver when you accept and say thank you. Of course, now you just have to figure out who to thank. Kate loves a mystery….

  2. Tammy/ceph Says:

    You are so fuckin’ cute;) It wasn’t me as broke hoar is broke, but I totally want to thank whomever it was for adding to your happy quotient!

  3. Anonymous, too Says:

    Since I am not a sugar mama (or papa), it was not me. Are you sure it wasn’t the Anonymous Mama who confused “pets” with “furry grandbabies”?

    Whoever it turns out to be, use your best Irish manners and thank them graciously, whole-heartedly, and profusely. Then take ’em out for a Jameson’s or a Guinness.

  4. ann valdes Says:

    we MISS you at natural stitches! three of us have managed to finish the rock island shawl… PAINFUL beginning, but fun end… would have been delightful to have you in on it, too

  5. misa Says:

    That was such a great movie. I’m not your sugar momma but I wish I was.

  6. Hilary Says:

    Yes, take it!! I know it’s hard to accept gifts sometimes, but your anonymous benefactor wouldn’t have done it if s/he hadn’t felt really good about it. And seriously, how cool. People can be awesome sometimes.

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