first day of school

August 20, 2011

in a way, anyway.

classes and teaching at msu don’t begin until the 31st,
and my need to vomit is diminishing.

today, i teach my first ever knitting class.
the important word there is “my”,
my take on beginning knitting.

i thought about taking the approach i was comfortable with,
the way i was taught or the way things were done at natural stitches.
both are excellent, and get the job done.

instead i’ve stolen a bunch of ideas from other people
and mixed them together to make “my” class.
and in about an hour and a half,
it will make its debut.

all i can do now
is go over how i want to begin,
and prepare in my own way.
breakfast of champions.

wish me luck, bitches!

13 Responses to “first day of school”

  1. Frankie Says:

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be brilliant and that will be one fun class. Those lucky knitters!

  2. Woo hoo! You’ll be great! Have fun.

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    You will be awesome, the class will be bitchin’, and I have no doubt you and the students all will have a blast. I was scared spitless the first class I taught (I had some experienced knitters in there so got intimidated, then I got over it).

    Remember: you know more than they do.

  4. Yokoo Says:

    Best wishes Friend!! : ^ )

  5. Cinnamon Says:

    Good luck!

  6. Good luck boyo! You’ll be great, you always are xx

  7. CarolP Says:

    I taught Art in high school for 37 years (now retired). It just gets more fun as you go along. You will find your groove and you are such a great person ~ they will love you! I wish I could take your class. It’s good that you are making it your “own.”
    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  8. Cheryl Says:

    That wonderful! Good luck.

  9. DDancer Says:

    Make that class your own!!!

    You will do well….


  10. Jenn Says:

    So how did it go?

  11. Trisha R Says:

    I’m sad that I already know how to knit, and knit in the round. 😦 Can’t wait to see your name on something more challenging, but not TOO challenging! Hope you had a great time!

  12. Hope Says:

    How’d it go? I’ll bet you did a great job! What will you be teaching at MSU?

  13. Brooke Says:

    NorCal bitch, wishing you much success.. I like your idea of a breakfast of champions…I like a good “shot in the dark” strong coffee with an add shot of espresso, creame & sugar.. my assistant used to call it my liquid crack.

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