many things make a post

August 16, 2011

if you decide you want to blog,
there will come a time when you won’t know how the fuck to start.
when this happens to me, i steal an idea from someone else.

today, i’m stealing from adrienne martini
and giving you many things
to make this post.

steven jr. is doing welland apparently likes the ladies man.

i was told i must share the booty from the summit.
i only bought three skeins of sanguine gryphon little traveller.but my most precious possession, a notions bag from splityyarn
has gone missing in the move.

i hope it turns up soon.

i warped my first loom (did i use the terminology correctly?)
and learned the important lesson, “don’t drop the cross!”
you weavers’ll know what i’m talking about.

now, i’m learning to weave.
i will not buy a loom.
i promise.

i got salty, delicious caramels in the mail from stephen a.k.a. hizKNITS
i am doling them out, savoring them.
as opposed to stuffing them all in my face.
thanks stephen; you’re a sweetie.

i think i might really be into these guys

or else, it’s wicked annoying.
maybe both.
i’m fickle.

i am (still) thoroughly jealous of helloyarn’s photostream and all its glory. i shake my jealous fist in your general direction!

another canadian is fighting squirrels. it’s amusing.

and finally, mo is still cute
in case you were wondering.

that is all for now.
thanks, adrienne.

10 Responses to “many things make a post”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    In the spirit of the post:

    I’m assuming you learned “don’t drop the cross” the hard way – it’s a painful lesson but a good one to have out of the way. Love what you have going on the loom!

    Hope the notions bag shows up soon.

    Been a fan of ChrisThile for about 10 years, he’s a genius on the mando.

    Mo will always be cute. He’s got that cute-longevity gene.

    Steven Jr is living up to his name: he’s unique and funny as hell. He’s simultaneously a sweetie and a pistol. He sends his best.

  2. Trisha R Says:

    I took a weaving class from Nancy at Woven Art a few years ago. I SWORE to myself that I wouldn’t buy that loom! I SWORE, I TELL YOU! Every one of the students the last night of class bought their looms. I sold OTHER craft items to help fund it.

    It sits, in my basement on top of my craft cabinet, with the same project warped on it that I left class with.

    Shhh… don’t tell Nancy!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Awww, I love The Mo.

  4. Adrienne Says:

    What’s even more amusing is that you’re the second one this week to nick the “many things” idea. Genius is usually unappreciated in its time. 😉

    Chris Thile/Punch Brothers/MIchael Daves/Nickel Creek will grow on you. Trust me.

  5. knitnat Says:

    Hmm. Salted caramels. I must send you some too, I think. But it is too humid to make candy!

  6. CarolP Says:

    Glad to hear you are doing well! Mo is the cutest. I also like
    what you are weaving! You are such a talented person!

  7. deedlelu Says:

    I find it hard to keep up on my blog because I either have too much to update and it becomes overwhelming, or not enough content to bother. 😦

    And, you are so buying a loom. I said I would never buy a wheel and here I am going to pick it up tomorrow, hehe 😀

  8. linda cannon Says:

    Hope you find the bag, moving can be a bitch when things go missing. It will probably turn up in some outlandish place, and you will say “I know why I put it there”.
    Your blog was fun and I am looking forward to hearing more of your endeavors, knitterly and scholarly. Hugs and kisses

  9. Anonymous, too Says:

    Your offsprung is quite the hunk. Are you sure it isn’t a case of the ladies having an eye for (or on) him??

    Yarn looks good. Hope you didn’t leave notions bag in the freezer with the ice cream you forgot about until after the power was turned off at the old place.

    Woodworkers would say you ruined the loom by warping it. Sci-fi fans would say you now need to warp the space-time continuum, or ask how you got a loom past the speed of light. I would say the colors are fantastic, and ask what the finished item will be.

    No opinion on the music, tho NPR’s morning newscasts are among the very few things to get my a** out of bed. It has to be at maximum db on the clock radio, but neither KISS nor the 1812 Overture can do that.

    And Mo? Always adorable. That look, however, clearly says you have to go through the modeling agency from now on because there will be no more free photo sessions.

  10. misa Says:

    Mo is still cute.
    Your posts are always a good read even when you think you have nothing to say.
    Caramels, yum.

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