August 9, 2011

i’ve moved around quite a bit in my adult life,
and i’ve found the most important thing to do
is immediately set out into the world
and find some places to call you own.

having done my undergrad at michigan state,
i already have a couple places where i feel comfortable,
places that make me forget for a few hours that
school starts in less than three weeks.
in less than three weeks,
i will be teaching,
shaping the minds of american youth.
this gives me less than three weeks to get all the nervous vomiting out of my system. (pray for my esophagus).

the other day,
to counteract my nausea,
i thought it best to suck in some yarn fumes,
and maybe see what the weaving class schedule was like at woven art.
there are a few other yarn stores in the lansing area,
most of which are closer to me than woven art.
i’ve scoped them out in prior visits,
felt their vibes and,
for all kinds of reasons,
it’s clear this is my new lys.

of course i wasn’t really prepared for the fact that they “know me from the blog”, and nancy welcomed me back to the area with a hug.
i’m very fragile right now, and that kind of gesture meant a lot.
it’s nice a nice feeling to be immediately welcomed,
to know someone wants you to be here.
thanks nancy (and meg!)

then nancy really shocked me by asking me if i’d like to teach.

you have to be kidding me!
of course i wanted to teach!
and so very shortly i’ll be offering classes at woven art,
easing myself in with some beginning knitting until i get my bearings.

they already wrote lovely blurb about me in their most recent newsletter to which you should subscribe.

why look at that!
my nausea is back.

16 Responses to “”

  1. Carmel Says:

    That’s awesome!! Congratulations and good luck in your next adventure! You are going to be great at shaping the minds of your stdudents both academically and knitterly!! Oh if only I didn’t live on the west coast!

  2. Sarah V. Says:

    I just taught my first (uni) course ever this summer, and I soooooo wanted to vomit before it started. Once I got going, though, I was like hey, this is not that bad, and I’m decent at it, and maybe it could even be kind of fun! Oh but I still wanted to vomit a lot.

    By which I mean, HUGS and you will be incredible! Better than you could ever imagine!

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Oh, the universe is loving you lately, sweetie!! Keep that good news coming. How is it I hardly ever miss Michigan until I read your posts. Drink some Vernors for the nausea and then teach your li’l ass off! (By the way, your namesake here, now a whopping 4 days old, already thinks he’s a stud. His future looks bright indeed – too bad he’ll have to wait 2 years to get a real date.)

  4. meg Says:

    There is no need for vomiting – at least at Woven Art. And as for teaching at MSU is concerned, those undergrads are INCREDIBLY young. You know so much more than they do. So my best advice is to remember to breathe!

  5. DDancer Says:

    You go! Congrats.

  6. Chancy Says:

    Lol, wait…you’re nervous about teaching, so you decide to teach something else as well? Congrats on both accounts. I’m sure once the nausea subsides, you’ll do great!

  7. Astrid Says:

    Sweet! Dude, you’re going to rock them all.

  8. Jamie Says:

    Welcome back to the mitten! We also have a great new yarn shop and some amazing beer over here in Grand Rapids!

  9. Jenn Says:

    See? I told you that you would kick so much ass. 🙂

  10. Bonnie Says:

    Tums. Buy Tums.

  11. brownbetty Says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in East Lansing. You’re the first knitting blogger to be near my hometown. Fill us in on all the local shops so I know where to visit when I come home!

  12. Brooke Says:

    you will be fine.. the students will love you. what grade, what topic?? Do share…my daughter got her masters in econ, teaches macro and micro at the community college level.. its so cute becuase she is like 5′ 0″ and all of about 95 lbs.. her students were bigger than she is in 5th grade…She has flaming tamales on Rate My LOL

  13. Trisha R Says:

    I might have to take a vacation day from work to make your first class at Woven Art. Fer reals. Can’t wait to see the schedule!

  14. Chelle Says:

    Good luck Steven

  15. Welcome back to East Lansing! Look forward to seeing you at Woven Art! 🙂

  16. Mark Ritzenhein Says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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