the summit: day 1

July 28, 2011

day one is well under way.
here’s what i’ve done thus far:

picked underwear i thought apropos for meeting frankling habit.
no i won’t tell you what it is, or show you.
(i would show him, though)

met franklin habit.

learned more about photography and my camera in three hours than i have in my whole life. (which is pathetic if i think about it)

kinneared anna zilboorg

thus proving i paid no attention in my photography class.

ate lunch with a baby, then pushed him around in a stroller.
(shocking, i know)

drank a dirtini martini and stood in the longest line i’ve ever seen in my life. (these bitches want their yarn!)

somewhere in all of that,
i took some photos of my mojo shawl.

the light was fighting me,
but i wanted to give it to its recipient.
no i’m not going to tell you who it was for.
(isn’t this just a fascinating read?)

i’m off to the opening night reception.
here’s hoping i (don’t) make a drunken fool of myself!