work, bitch.

July 24, 2011

i’m here.
working behind the scenes.
putting my life in cardboard.
knitting on a sock for the summit.
pretending i know what i’m up to.
(it still might not fit)

for your delight,
until things get kickin’,
i give you this:

a kevin czapiewski exclusive for bitches get stitches.


7 Responses to “work, bitch.”

  1. brooke Says:

    Hey, when you go to The Summit, you must stop and see my friend, Heatherly. She owns InterTwined.. the software for knitting..i am a dork and don’t know too much about it.. but stop by and tell her you are a close personal friend of mine.. i’ll zap her a note and tell her to look out for you and to be extra nice to you…LOVE the cartoon. Can we get this design on t-shirts? magnets, at cafe press, perhaps?

  2. Sarah V. Says:

    Um, that is the perfect image for my day. I’m grading essays all day, and writing the exam I’m giving on Tuesday. Definitely need the encouragement to work! Love it 🙂

  3. Tamara Says:

    That is covered all over in the Awesome Sauce! Love it!

  4. Anonymous, too Says:


    Congratulations to Kevin for capturing the emotive capabilities of a smoosh-faced dog. (Yes, I know that’s a Frenchie; I grew up with pugs. What’s a little difference in ear flop and tail curlage?)

  5. Karen C Says:

    love you. love the dog.

  6. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Somehow missed the drawing the first time I saw the post (guessing I didn’t wait long enough for the download). LOVE it!!!!

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