how steven got his groove back

July 14, 2011

last night,
i cast on a project.
i knew the answer to my funk lay in a shawl,
but hours on ravelry left me feeling rather hopeless.
nothing inspired me.

then, for whatever reason,
i gave this shawl a second glance,
and bitches, i have found my mojo!
yarn – madelinetosh pashmina in the glazed pecan colorway.
pattern – baltic blossoms lace shawl.

let me tell you,
it feels good to be back!
it’s like that feeling when a cold breaks,
and you can finally take a deep breath again.

i was creatively congested!

then this morning,
i woke up to the following e-mail:

Dear Steven:

Thanks so much for your inspiring blog post. Because of you, we have received over $400 dollars in donations! Thank you for getting yourself tested, and thank you for your amazing support of Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force!

Emma McAfee
Development Associate
Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force
5913 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

that was a great way to begin my day.
thank you to everyone who contributed,
not only to pittsburgh aids task force,
but to their local testing centers.
that $400 will pay for 10 tests.

your generosity makes me feel like maybe the effort i put into this blog isn’t a fruitless endeavor, that maybe people are listening.
so thank you.

and congratulations to faye.
the random number generator selected you,
and my skein of handspun is yours.
you better knit with it!

i actually cast on a second shawl.
i’m not sure if i’m allowed to show you it,
but better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?
it’s the beginning of a test knit from westknits book three

that’s all i’ll say.
the cashmere mafia’s listening.

10 Responses to “how steven got his groove back”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Congrats to Faye on the win and HUGE congrats to you on the money raised so far. I’ll be donating tomorrow (payday), so hope your total continues to grow. Nice job indeed.

    Mojo-wise: yay! I got an email from a good friend who knew about my dad and said when hers passed away her creativity went to hell for about 6 months (and she’s a serious, daily knitter). I’ve been lucky and the knitting (and a wee bit of valium) have been saving graces the last two weeks. It also may be your shawl theory since a couple of days ago I finished my first shawl ever, Conifer Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn. It was a nice little one to start with.

    Finally (sorry for the long post), we’re on baby watch here, expect 3 within the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know if any are boys since we have a deal.

  2. DDancer Says:

    Ok, you are a BAD influence…..

    I have hundreds of shawl patterns…..

    I hate Nupps…..

    I HAD to have this pattern.

  3. Susan Says:

    Congrats to Faye, and to you for getting your mojo back. I got a very nice email from the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and I will donate to them again in the near future. I’m also going to find out if Denver has the same kind of program and see if I can help them in some way. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  4. Nancy Paris Says:

    Dear Steven,
    Phew. That was a close call, but it sounds like you got your mojo back. I am still adding to my barn yard, having a blast with Spud and Chloe.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to donate to a good cause. I know it is hard to request donations but this is something that people can hardly refuse. At least in my book.
    Nancy Paris

  5. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:


    And what an excellent selection! Your mojo is surely working.

    I love the lace with the points, and with the perfect challenge of nupps and extra YOs. I love that, too.

    And good for you for using your blog to benefit the bigger world. Good donations job!

  6. Anonymous, too Says:

    Faye, congratulations.

    S., I think that rich golden color may have helped revive your knitting mojo. Even unblocked, it’s gorgeous. I’m not so sure about that other color combination, tho.

    And getting your groove back can be easy: you need privacy, sufficient tipple to get tipsy, a full-length mirror, a hairbrush, and some of the Stones’ “best of” collections. If you aren’t singing along with Mick and Keef by the end of the night, you weren’t doing it right — or you are the illegitmate, groove-impaired offspring of George W. Shrub and Nancy Raygun.

  7. Bonnie Says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad you found a compelling knit. (And I love, love, love the yarn you’re using for the second project. Beautiful.)

  8. Congratulations to Faye, and to you dude… you inspire me. How awesome that you were able to raise all those funds, for a respectable (sometimes forgotten) cause!!

    The shawl is going to be gorgeous in that Glazed Pecan Pashmina…. and the second “secret” :ssshhhh: shawl’s colors are magnificent… I have a jealous!

  9. Lara Says:

    You rock! I hope more people continue to raise money for free testing.

    Love the Pecan Tosh Shawl too.

  10. Janice Says:

    Been away from the blogosphere for a while and I’m just getting caught up. Glad your groove found it’s way back, I’ve heard that surgery really scares the crap out of groove and sends it into hiding. So, awesome for you that life’s heading back toward normalcy (whatever that is), and good for me, too, cuz Steven + groove = bloggy entertainment for me (ok, yeah, I might be a little selfish . . . occasionally). Also, thanks for reminding about HIV testing and for getting the money moving. I’m a 50 year old mama now, which made me a twenty-something chick in the 80’s who lost way too many friends, so I never forget and I’m always thankful when I hear about happy test results. I hope you won’t mind too much when I say that I’m thrilled about the money you raised for Pittsburgh, but, this time, I’m going to keep the bucks closer and help take care of the local kids.

    Have a wonderful time at the Summit, and all the best wishes for your new beginning in Lansing!

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