on the road

May 9, 2011

when some bloggers travel, you get photos and witty banter from the airport. i, on the other hand, am driving home to michigan, and am too tired to be truly witty.

i’ve got no knitting on me so i hope you’ll be content with this picture of my rest stop breakfast.

it’s not much, but it’s what I got.

it’s not easy blogging from an iphone.
give me a little credit.

i promise there’s more maryland sheep and wool fun coming soon. just cut me some slack, ok?


4 Responses to “on the road”

  1. anne Says:

    so this is how you recuperate from surgery? will you please take it easy and rest a bit…

  2. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    Caffeine and a danish – you’re a bitch after my own heart. If you don’t have a copilot in the car, I hope you’re taking plenty of breaks. If you do have a copilot, I hope you’re getting to sit back, knit and enjoy the spring scenery.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Have a great trip!

  4. pia Says:

    It was great to meet you in person (albeit briefly) this weekend! I didn’t get a chance to compliment your hotpants…they rocked!

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