my first rhinebeck or the time i saw uma thurman smoking.

October 18, 2010

let’s just get this out of the way: i finished my sweater.
and i hope to never be put in that position ever again.

i knitted almost the entire drive from pittsburgh,
and had to pop pills to dull the pain in my hands and continue.
i could never have done it without the support of my travel buddies
kelli, lisa, and especially andrea who had the needles i needed.

around 11 p.m. friday night
with pits to kitch
and ends to weave in,
i bound off

too tightly and my sweater wouldn’t fit over my head.

i kinda wanted to die.

rather than commit suicide,
i decided to work on finishing.

when midnight rolled around,
my underarms were well closed
and most of my ends were woven in.
but i knew i couldn’t go on.
i’d have to finish in the morning.

as soon as the alarm went off,
before i even remembered my own name,
i found my chibi, and finished weaving in my ends.

i then ripped out my collar
borrowed a bigger needle size
and knitted like the wind.

in the parking lot of the dutchess county fairgrounds,
i bound off for a second time,
and pulled that bitch over my extra-large cabeza!

and walked through the gate properly attired.
(which was good since i didn’t really bring a coat and it was pretty cold)

the rest is a blurred happy memory.
there was yarn. there were sheep.
there were several nips of whiskey from my flask.

here are the highlights:
i met the pocket wheel

and now want one.

i ran into adrienne martini, a new old friend from the blogosphere,

and clara parkes who knew who i was! really, she knew the hotpants from maryland and i told her i was the one who knitted them.

i also ran into beth hansen who i met back at the silk retreat. she was selling the lovely miniSpinner.

i now want one of them as well.

there was this crazy wheel that i do not want.

i saw bobsolda and casey at the ravelry meetup.

it was kinda more creepy than cute.

(also i totally have a crush on jess aka frecklegirl aka mama rav’s brother.
what can i say? i love me a ginger beard.)

the lovely melynda of french press knits spotted me and my sweater, and we finally got to meet in person. i got to feel the baby bump and meet her husband too. she was so beautiful in every sense of the word. i loved how michigany she was, her accent and demeanor. she made me miss home.

of course i was so caught up in the moment that it didn’t occur to me document the moment. *sigh* curse this blond hair!

between nips of whiskey,
andrea and i hung out at the beer garden.

there was this guy who was apparently very into carbs.

i spun on my future wheel.

it was brand new and heavily discounted.
they wanted cash, didn’t take plastic.
shady? i thought so.
and kept walking.

i headed back to the motel to rest and get ready.

on my way out i saw uma fucking thurman get out of her car
with an unidentified homely gay man.

she was smoking what appeared to be a parliament light.

the lady directing traffic asked her, “aren’t you in the movies?”
uma replied, “i used to be!” and kept walking.
then i snapped this shot.

i was too chicken to be a real papparazzo.
but andrea can back me up that this was in fact her.

after dinner, it was time to party ravelry style.
i slipped on the hotpants,
grabbed my tuxedo jacket,
and off we went.

the highlight for me was finally meeting ms. helloyarn herself.

i’ve been stalking. . . er. . . befriending her online ever since i started knitting.
i spotted her earlier at the ravelry meetup,
but was too apple juice* to say hello.
plus i didn’t have my gift for her.

i decided the rav party would be the perfect time.

i stood right next to her at the bonfire but didn’t see her.
she couldn’t see me either but couldn’t miss the hotpants.
those shorts saved my ass!

she gave me jam.
i gave her booze.
it was perfect.

i had an emotion.
i posed with the ladies of the sanguine gryphon

who are both beautiful and fabulous.
(but i really love the rabbit-eared photo bomber in this shot!)

i spotted melynda again, and made up for my earlier absent-mindedness.

and yes, blondes do have more fun.

when i met the smoking sheep puppet

i knew it was time to get the hell outta there.

but before i left,
i swallowed the last of my apple juice,
and asked mary-heather for a photo.

you know how, people online can be totally different in person?
like they seem super sweet and nice online,
but are really a complete bitch?

this is so not the case with mary-heather.
she comes off not only as sweet and nice,
but beautiful and intelligent.

she is all good vibes folks.

here we are

blurry and fabulous!

after freezing to death waiting for the bus,
i headed back to the motel and slept like a christian.

the next day was a bit lower key.
i hung with yvonne and kim,
bought some loot
and just tried to take it all in before i had to head home.

i had a lovely time.

but the absolute best part was the handful of people who came up to me all geeked out telling me they love my blog. that seriously made everything worth it. to those readers i say thank you so so much for making rhinebeck for me!

if you spotted me i’d love to hear it.
and if you took my photo, i’d love to see that too!

oh yeah,
hear’s my loot.

socks from lisa.
sweater from me.
jam from hello yarn.
two skeins of sunna by spirit trail fiberworks.
two skeins of bugga by the sanguine gryphon.

see you next year!

*apple juice is our term for losing all sense of intelligence in the presence of a celebrity of some sort.

33 Responses to “my first rhinebeck or the time i saw uma thurman smoking.”

  1. Adrian Says:

    It was awesome to meet you! I’m sorry I look like a maniac in the photo. I was trying so hard not to blink!

    I had no idea you took a photo of Uma or I’d have demanded to see it on Saturday night.

    And yes, Mary-Heather is sweetness and light and Bobsolda is a little scary.

    Your sweater is beautiful!!

  2. Glen Says:

    Sounds like you had a blast up there! Rhinebeck is amazing. Sorry you didn’t walk away with a wheel of your own. They’re very satisfying devices.


  3. Aimee Says:

    Congrats on the sweater. I wish it had been a better experience for you but I guess it turned out OK. You looked GREAT! Maybe someday I will get there too…

  4. mkonieczki Says:

    OH, STEVEN! I. AM. JEALOUS! Your Rhinebeck sounds wonderful! Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you!

  5. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    A. The sweater freakin’ rocks.
    B. Rhinebeck looks like a blast.
    C. Hopefully you’ll put the Estes Park Wool Market on your list of wool festivals. It’s small, but fun. I’ve got Taos on my list, hopefully next year.
    D. Nice shot of Uma.
    E. The sweater freakin’ rocks. Really.

  6. Jacie Says:

    I totally spotted you…a few times actually. But the first time was when my crew was parking, donning the handknits and preparing to get in the massive line on Saturday morning. And the first thing I spotted was your sweater. OMG, it looked great on you! Now, knowing the backstory, I gotta say BRAVO. You totally rocked that sweater! Nice work!


  7. arthella Says:

    sounds like a great first experience!

  8. sewstylish Says:

    I saw you but was to chicken to come and say hi. How were your legs not freezing sat night.buuurrrr. Thanks for the pic of Uma I now remember seeing her too I recognize the footwear. weird but hey fiber junky shoe junky it all works.

  9. Geeta Says:

    I can’t believe you finished that sweater–it’s gorgeous! Will your hands be wrapped in ice all week?

  10. Juliet in Grand Rapids Says:

    You are so lucky that as you come down to the wire that your mistakes don’t compound to the point you are in tears and an utterly complete failure. NO! You pull it off and there you stand at the gate, superbly attired, and deliriously happy (or is that some kind of lack of sleep grin?)

    Your sweater is magnificent (I knew you could do it).

    Also, thanks for sharing Rhinebeck. You had a well-deserved splendid time.

    I’m so glad that so many people found you!

  11. Jen and Mark Says:

    Hey, great sweater! šŸ™‚

  12. tempestpilot Says:

    There was a quiet bit of lurker-whooping in a corner of the pacific for your amazing sweater victory. I had a fit of horror when I thought you were going to steek it. SUBMIT, SWEATER!

    Also I love your hot pants, hard.

  13. Pinneguri Says:

    I didn’t take your photo, and I haven’t blogged about your crazy pants but – I saw you and your beautiful sweater and just want to tell you what you probably have heard a million times already, it is awesome!

  14. Nancy Paris Says:

    The sweater is absolutely gorgeous. One of my highest compliments- I am very jealous.

    Thanks for writing about Rhinebeck. I want to go so badly.

    I am stuck in the knitting wasteland of San Diego so I am addicted to your blog.

  15. Andrea M Says:

    Steven, I miss you already! Thanks for being a good fiber fest partner and not letting me buy another fleece, although my deposit for a nice cherry Pocket Wheel will probably go out in today’s mail. Great pictures!

  16. Yvonne Says:

    The bunny eared girl is none other than Kimberly, aka Somebunny’s Love! She’s awesome!

    I’m glad you had a great first Rhinebeck. You SO deserved it!

  17. tara Says:

    Hey, I met you in the line at Red Maple Sportswear! Very impressed that you wore shorts Sat. eve, even if they are impressive shorts. And, I can’t believe you got a pic of Uma!

  18. Sarah Says:

    Your sweater turned out so fantastic! I want one just like it!

  19. mary Says:

    Yay! You finished your sweater! It’s really gorgeous. Thanks for the Rhinebeck low down.

  20. mary Says:

    Yay for finishing your sweater! It’s gorgeous. Thanks for the Rhinebeck recap.

  21. theJilly Says:

    I recognized Kimberly, too! She’s awesome. Sounds like you had an amazing S&W, and I am so very jealous. So happy for you on finishing the sweater. Looks wonderful, and it’s a perfect fit. You must feel so good about deciding to reknit, huh?

  22. Your sweater really is terrific. Way to get it done!

  23. Kim Says:

    I love hanging out with you! You better make it for Rhinebeck next year.
    Thanks to you & Yvonne for calling me at work today to alert me to the vagina cowl. It truly brightened a dreary day in the corporate veal pen.

  24. V. Says:

    Great post. Missed you.

  25. David Says:

    Saw you and the hot pants at the Ravelry meetup. Nicely done.

  26. craftivore Says:

    Yay, I got to experience the power of hot pants in person! Missed your sweater though, you are a complete madman trying to finish it they way you did. It looks fab in photo. Seriously, I’m with Hot Pants buttons, think about it.

  27. woolydaisy Says:

    OMG! you are too fun! i want to party with you!!!

  28. Heidi Says:

    I’m the blonde dork that came up to you and got all “apple juice” when I recognized you. I asked about your sweater and told you that I LOVE reading your blog… I think we (my boyfriend and I) were in line getting some brats or something…. I’m pretty sure that I totally geeked out while you were trying to flee the situation and get away from the squealy girl that was bouncing around like Tigger. D’oh!!!

    It was great to meet you, and hopefully I didn’t come off like I was going to boil a bunny or something. šŸ™‚

  29. Sue Says:

    I totally adore this blog! I love how you captured the essence of Rhinebeck with photos and words. Thank you. You’ve made my day.

  30. Melynda Says:

    Oh my- what a great account of Rhinebeck! I didn’t know Uma Thurman was there- that is just pure craziness. Funny to think that I have a Michigan accent, I know I do, I just don’t think about it all that often.

    So did you get a wheel- or do you have to order it at home?

    I was surprised the first time I met Mary-Heather, and everyone else from Ravelry for that matter. They were these huge celebrities in my mind and I thought they may be kind of stand-offish, I was beyond wrong.

    ps… The pic of us turned out great (flash and all), I’m waiting for it šŸ™‚

  31. Austin Val Says:

    Gorgeous sweater!

  32. Natalie Says:

    Saw you in the hotpants but was too shy to say anything. I was shivering in my 4 layers of clothing & was impressed by your fortitude. Did you do Polar Bear swims to train for this?

  33. Sandra Singh Says:

    Steven I had no idea who you were when I took your pic at the Rav party wearing your orange shorts for my blog. I think you look great in them, take a look and let me know.

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