my irish liver

July 10, 2010

i’m sitting post breakfast,
thanking god for my irish liver.

this is my office this weekend

and i’ll tell you how i got here.

my day of traveling began around 8:00 am (eastern) on thursday and came to a close around 6:30 pm (pacific) on friday.
needless to say, i’m still a bit tired.
but with a full belly and caffeine in my veins,
i can appreciate yesterday’s trials.
here’s the timeline:

10:30 am – took lovely roommate to airport
2:30 pm – worked my shift
9:00 pm – finish packing
10:45 pm – night on the town (pittsburgh)
1:00 am – a blur filled with things not suitable for the blog.
(use your imagination)
3:29 am – go to button shorts, button on shorts pops off
3:30 am – “f&@$!”
3:31 am – borrowed a belt, thanking heaven i have friends my size
3:45 am – drove to the airport got a killer parking spot
4:25 am – apparently no one works at the airport
4:30 am – waiting in line FOREVER only to discover i’m not flying united this time, but american.
4:31 am – “f&@$!”
6:01 am – begin flying across the continent

11:00 am – i get picked up from the airport by a complete stranger/lovely new seattle friend stacy.

11:30 am – pet stacy’s cats while she packs.
1:30 pm – devoured lunch at tawon thai. so delicious
(you’ll note there was no eating previously mentioned in my timeline. i think i had some soup around 4 pm thursday)
2:30 pm – i got the nickle tour of fremont

3:30 pm – on the road to port ludlow.
3:45 pm – we begin waiting in line for the ferry
3:50 pm – the car starts acting up
3:51 pm – i jump out of the car to grab gallons of water to cool off the car

from here till around 5:25 pm it gets a little hazy.

i was in and out of consicouness,
in and out of the car pouring water on the hood,
and sitting, windows down praying for a breeze.

5:26 pm – thank jesus we’re on the f*cking ferry
6:10 pm – we’ve crossed . . . a body of water whose name i’ve forgotten
6:25 pm – i saw the sign

till around 7:45 pm it was all rushed shower, dinner, and two martinis. i brought my third into the orientation meeting. everyone introduced themselves, and told wild stories of the whys and hows of their being here;
to the escape their husbands,
to meet judith,
to knit,

there were some doozies,
including a motion for continuance.
i’ve never laughed so hard in my life.
a lovely knitter sends me my 4th martini,
and it was time for me to share.

remember folks,
i’d not yet slept
and my heart kept pumping more and more vodka to my brain.
so i was feeling a little honest.

“the reason i’m here, a reason that no one has yet said but we’re all thinking, is to make other people jealous.”

and i challenge any one of my fellow knot hysterics to deny it.

later on, tina pointed a warning finger at me,
looking over he glasses the way she does,
saying, “you better not be hung over tomorrow.”
“don’t worry. i’m irish.”

at least my liver is because it came through as always,
and i’m bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.

after my second cup of coffee.

now i’m off to my first day of class,
dying with tina newton.
totally stoked.

i’ll keep you bitches posted!

6 Responses to “my irish liver”

  1. Yokoo Says:

    I loved reading this! I tried to read it with a fast voice in my head like a maniac. xo

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Yes, you’re right. I’m jealous.

    (But I’m sure I know someone who’s even more jealous.)

  3. joseph Says:

    oh, fremont! oh, seattle! steven, you make my heart yearn to return.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Mission accomplished! I’m totally jealous! GREEN with Envy! Can’t wait to read about your classes/experience!

  5. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    Absolutely jealous and totally living vicariously through you on this trip. Did you present the shawl yet?

  6. Lynae Says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to have spent the weekend with you learning about and playing with silk!!!!!

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