May 7, 2010

i’m in a state of recovery.
from my trip to maryland,
and my (second) masters program.

that’s right bitches, i’m graduating.

fatigue, aphasia, loss of time, peeling scalp,
and my room smells like sheep.

course of action?
milk shakes, knitting, find my watch, head and shoulders,
and stay out of my room.

i’m actually doing quite well, and enjoying finding all the pictures of me and my gams floating around the internet.

you can find them on:
linda’s facebook,
kim’s flickr,
anna’s blog,
karen’s photostream,
and elsewhere. i know more people stopped me and asked for my photo than i’ve been able to track down. even with yvonne creating a ravelry thread about them.

but my favorite by far was taken by cristi:

because she kinneared me, and i love her for it.

in knitting news . . .
let’s keep in mind that i’m a relatively new knitter (less than two years),
but there is evidence mounting that my i’m maturing.
for instance, i now have a small stash.
and i have a project that is coming up on its one year anniversary:

my shetland tea shawl.

i find the signs disturbing.
so i’ve decided to fight these manifestations of conventional knitterdom,
and knit the shit out of this before it turns 1.

first step in attaining my goal?
casting on 449 stitches for the stora dimun knit along

(note my yarn ramekin and the perfect alpaca silk soufflé)

what can i say?
i’m a sheep.

5 Responses to “recovery”

  1. Melynda Says:

    Wow! I think you are some sort of knitting celebrity now-watch out, harlot!

  2. So I heard it was hot as hell that day. So of course I have to ask the question:

    Did you have sweaty balls? Because if any women were attempting to wear wearing knitted tops or shawls that day, I bet they had sweaty boobs!

    And yes, if it wasn’t already obvious, that was a completely rhetorical question…

  3. cici Says:

    nice meeting you. I think everyone was trying to get a shot of those pants here’s mine

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  5. craftivore Says:

    Seriously, I’m over here because of your celebrity status. Shetland shawl looks really pretty, it deserves to be finished.

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