since my last post,
a couple happy things happened.
the first: i aced my semester.
(go me)

the second: i got this picture in my e-mail:

a little bit ago, melissa brought her baby by the shop
and i got to meet the professor
(that’s what i call him)

i held the little bugger for while and asked,
“did you put knitting needles in his hands?”


so i got the honor of being the one who put needles in the professor’s hands, ensuring he will one day be a good knitter.
they were signature needles.
he’ll be a very good knitter.

which makes me think two random things;
the first: i know that putting knitting needles in a baby’s hands is supposedly an irish superstition, but i can’t think how i know that. everyone else in the shop did too, but the internet holds no further info.
can anyone help me find a reference?

the second: i use the phrase, “he’s a good knitter” as a code for “he’s hot.” so if putting needles in the professor’s hands is supposed to make him a good knitter . . .

i’m not sure what i’ve done exactly.

though i suppose either way,
i’ve done right by him.