dear blog

January 29, 2010

don’t hold it against me that i’ve abandoned you.
i haven’t really.
i’m just a slacker.

there have been so many secret projects, outings, and general life stuff that, rather than attempt to catch you up with words, how about a picture post?


favorite yarn store in Michigan, woven art

rudest yarn store i’ve ever been to!

Thread Bear


detroit getaway during finals

dinner at slows

the final recital show ever *tear* at the majestic cafe

started a dandy neckerchief (yarn is caper sock by string theory colorway, vert)

turned 25

with the ‘rents ( i love them, they’re so cute right? )

started a top-down sweater in my fave michigan wool (yarn is shepherd’s wool by stonehedge fiber mill in white colorway)

made a swedish-inspired fair isle hat

that was too small unfortunately (yarn is cascade 220 in stratosphere and white colorways)

started some squirrel mittens (ravelry link – yarn is jameison spindrift in pine and burnt umber colorways)


finished my epiphany gift for carla-k, a peaks island hood by isolda teague. i will never make it again, it is a terribly written pattern (work in pat.? which pat?), but i conquered it none the less.
(note: there were actually three of us at the shop working on this at the same time. we all had trouble. but once completed, we ran up and down the aisles singing “peaks island HOOD!”)

now i’m back in classes with this bunch of crazies

and i made this birthday bear hat which should be arriving at its intended destination any minute! (pattern is turn a square by jared flood, yarn is cascade 200 heathers in the chocolate heather colorway and noro silk garden in 293 colorway)

this doesn’t come close to covering all the stuff that i’ve gone through this winter but some stuff is too personal for a blog and this entry is long enough right?

no worries bitches, i’m doing well.


7 Responses to “dear blog”

  1. Yokoo Says:

    I’m so sorry I missed your birthday! Just think this time next year you will be closer to thirty then you will be to twenty! Happy Birthday Dear!

  2. Katie Says:


    We missed you last night. Jeff referred to Edith as “an animal in a cage” which was strange but not as strange as his Autistic people don’t have friends comment in relation to Stoner.

    I love the Fair Isle hat! All of these Tuesday screenings are making me feel like I should take up knitting to get something done!

  3. josie Says:

    always entertaining, steven. good post.

  4. Yvonne Says:

    So glad I get to work with you — you make life more fun!

  5. lisabee Says:

    so happy: i get to go to woven art for the first time tomorrow! and threadbear on sunday. awesome!

  6. Nancy McRay Says:

    Dear Stephen,
    Just found your blog! Thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed the pictures of your parents and your projects,

    Hope I’m here next time you come in!

  7. Melynda Says:

    Yay! I love Woven Art, too (a lesser known gem in my opinion). I’m actually teaching a slipper class in a couple weeks. It will be the first knitting class I have ever attended (and I’m teaching it, how scary is that?!?).

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