arizona ✓
california ✓
colorado ✓
georgia ✓
hawaii ✓
illinois ✓
indiana ✓
kentucky ✓
maine ✓
maryland ✓
massachusetts ✓
michigan ✓
minnesota ✓
missouri ✓
new hampshire ✓
new jersey
new mexico
new york
north carolina ✓
north dakota
ohio ✓
pennsylvania ✓
rhode island
south carolina ✓
south dakota
tennessee ✓
virginia ✓
west virginia
washington d.c. ✓


british columbia
new brunswick
newfoundland & labrador
nova scotia
northwest territories
ontario ✓
prince edward island

other amazing places i’ve been


21 Responses to “the adventures of a traveling clockwork”

  1. […] the main goal of this adventure is for the clockwork to see all fifty states. a secondary goal is visiting all the canadian provinces. all international trips are just amazing bonuses! if you’d like to volunteer, just leave me a comment. but check out the clockwork’s page to see where it’s been and where it still needs to go, first. […]

  2. I am in Idaho and would be happy to host your clockwork!

  3. Lou Says:

    I can take care of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, & Prince Edward Island. I live in Nova Scotia & the other 2 maritime provinces are in my back yard.

    Also can cover Quebec if I have it by the first part of June.

    Will be visiting England for the month of September.

  4. Mali Says:

    I would be happy to show clockwork around the littlest state, Rhode Island. We’ll go to the beach, and perhaps a Newport mansion or two!

  5. Melanie Says:

    Hi Steven, I would love to be the hostess with the mostess in Spokane Washington, we met at the gourmet retreat last June.

  6. daune frankenfield Says:

    daune again here, I can hit florida, Wisconsin, kansas, and iowa that is new for the clockwork. and of course it will have a good time;)

  7. Judy Says:

    I am in Oregon and can add a lot of miles and states on this GREAT Adventure. This is a fun project that can bring smiles to a lot of people that don’t know each other, however we all have the same goal “Make Clockwork A Happy Traveler”!!!

  8. Anita Says:

    I live in Kansas in the middle of the state and could take it to the geographical center of the U.S.

  9. I live in Colorado and think clockwork would enjoy the mountains and all our friendly knitters. Depending on when it gets here, I could take it to New Mexico and perhaps Oklahoma.

  10. mary Says:

    I’m in California and would love to bring clockwork to my weekly knitting group and show it an all around good time!

  11. ZipfyT Says:

    I’m going to Vegas and NYC this summer. I’d be thrilled to have a traveling companion

  12. Shoot, it’s already in my state (Penn’s woods)… Dang. I would’ve talked the folks into helping me take it to Gettysburg to see the sights.

  13. Liz in Canada Says:

    I’m in Manitoba, I’d love to host your beautiful clockwork!

  14. Janice Says:

    If the clockwork would like to visit Alaska I’d be love to host.

  15. BSue Says:

    Yo, Folks! The heatwave in Northern California is over and our Fiber Trash Girls’ annual High Sierra Retreat is fast approaching… this coming Thursday July 11th! Any chance we can give Clockwork a fine time? We will treat it right! Hiking boots and pinafores, Mason jars, corn whiskey, corn cobb pipe, and a bunch of bitches ready to get down with fiber in an historical Sierra ghost town. We got it going on. A circle of friends, a band of sistahs, and don’t forget Happy! (The creepiest doll ever that was a childhood favorite of our hostess Birdsong’s DH.)We would love the opportunity to welcome Clockwork and send it on with memories to last a lifetime! We promise to document like no other visit!! Trust us. We are serious about having a good time!! We will have you crying in side-splitting laughter! So, who ever has Clockwork, y’think you can get it in the mail by tomorrow/Monday morning? Ship Priority Mail should get it to us in time! Let’s tawk…

  16. daune Says:

    did it get to go to the retreat? where is it now?

  17. Woolydaisy Says:

    Yes, clockwork made it on Friday as I was heading out of town to the retreat, close call! Ha! I’ve been out of Internet reception so I couldn’t pass that info on. It is here in Northern California and clockwork had a blast with the fiber trash girls! Checking to see who needs it next.

  18. daune Says:

    i am going to the New Jersey shore in early sept. i think it could go somewhere or two before that though. I am so glad it got to go to the retreat will you be posting pix soon?

  19. daune Says:

    can someone send the clockwork my way for a visit to New Jersey? contact me at daunef@hotmail.com

  20. Jennifer Stevenson Says:

    Hey there,
    Love watching all the great places the shawl gets to travel. If you would like to check off 2 Canadian provinces, I live just a bridge away from Quebec and I will be going to Vancouver, British Columbia in November.
    Also if you want to add some European Countries, I am off to Iceland, London and Paris this coming March.
    I would love to be apart of this,

  21. Anita Says:

    Where is the clockwork currently?

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