i recently received this question from pattylatty:


I’ve written to you before about your three Malabrigo blankets and finally bought a bag of Mal and have started one of the blankets. But recently I’ve been hearing about how much Mal worsted pills. So I thought I’d write to you and see if you have had any problems with that.

And why haven’t I seen you on the Malabrigo Junkies group? It’s a fun place to talk with people who are as crazy about Mal as we are.

Happy knitting.


well pat, there’s a few things i have to say on the subject of malabrigo.
if you make it into a sweater, it will pill.
but so will any other natural fiber.
the friction of body movements it just gonna do that.
malabrigo just pills more easily because it is a single ply.

now in terms of my blankets,

i can only speak for the zig zag.
(the other two of were gifts)

veronica and i used it pretty heavily this winter,
and while it hasn’t pilled,
it has a little halo going.
a nice soft halo.

you can’t see the spaces between the fabric anymore,
and the yarn has relaxed nicely.

i say go for it.

hell, you’ve already bought the yarn.

but if you’re really worried about it,
and can return the yarn you have,
get malabrigo twist.
just as soft but plied for durability.

if you can’t,
just add a pattern repeat,
and knit on a smaller needle (us 7/4.5mm)

hope to see the finished product!