ode to crochet hook

January 20, 2011

if you’re a knitter, a real knitter,
you might be a little snooty about crochet.
stop lying.
you totally are.

crochet is like the older, uglier sister of knitting.
that unmarried spinster who is more like a mother to her.
sure she probably knows better, and has a nice fulfilling career,
but knitting is the family rebel. knitting’s the girl who got caught smoking in the bathroom. knitting fucked the better part of her high school football team (and a few cheerleaders too).

but after today,
i will never ever doubt the power of the hook.
for this tiny crochet hook helped me repair something so precious to me,
so important!

like a lover,

like a brother,

like a soulmate!

my laptop.

its speakers to be precise
who have been silent for a couple weeks now.
now, again, david bowie can be heard here at bitches get stitches,
and i can shake a tail feather whenever the urge arises.

so praise be to my crochet hook,
and the sister who’s always there for us.
i totally know a cute geek at google i can hook you up with.