returning to knitting has been
a bit of a shock.

a lot has changed.
ravelry seems…dated.
or at least a bit of a ghost town
based on my friends’ and groups’ activity.
the antidote to this trauma, is clinging, desperately, to the familiar.
thus far, this has meant knitting on ancient wips
and beginning something i had
always wanted to try:
a mystery shawl.

in this case,
the deeply cool kirsten kapur‘s
through the loops mystery shawl 2020.
though it make seem mercenary, or perhaps,
at the very least, not organic,
a knit along seems
to me,
a good way to tap into
community, which was, for me,
the most vital component of what made knitting so fulfilling.

plus it meant i got to buy some yarn.

i, of course, began shopping at jill draper,
as ansel is the recommended yarn, and i’ve stolen enjoyed
far too many deviled eggs from her rhinebeck weekend
open houses over the years.

however, it would seem that,
when kirsten kapur recommends a yarn for her knit along,
the internet listens. for it was slip pickinswhen i went to the website.

i persevered,
and chose two yarns
i was sure would meet the criterion of “high contrast.”
the yarn arrived…and they’re basically identical.
beautiful, sororal twins.

i had, of course, looked for a backup option
and came upon yet more change:
blue moon no longer trades in
my favorite yarn: bfl sport.
i sent an email.
because if life has taught me anything its this:
trust in matthew 7:7 (a.k.a. the secret)*

the next day, tina rings to say that yes they have some bfl in the back, but it’s all already dyed. i said “send me any two, high contrast skeins. i trust you.” who better than the depraved dyer to choose contrasting yarn?

this arrived:
leave it to tina, one of the most generous people i’ve ever met,
to send options.

surprising no one,
i’m going with the green duo.

now what should i knit with skein three?

*i am in no way religious any more, but i grew up catholic and an only child. asking for things, often shamelessly, has, often, worked out for me,
often enough to keep it up, anyway.