free to a good home (almost)

June 28, 2020

*edit: contest over. the winner will be announced soon!

i’ve given it some thought,
and i’ve decided that, though
i’m very attached, i’m going to give away
my newly-completed shetland tea shawl.

but because it is so special to me—
what with beginning it when i was twenty four
and completing it in my thirties (ugh)—
i don’t want it to go to just anyone.
i want it to live with a knitter,
artist, aesthete, etc. who has
a good soul.
as such,
i’ll be using my shawl to raise funds
for a place i believe in,
the ruth ellis center.

the rules
1. make a donation to the ruth ellis center; to be as inclusive as possible, any amount you can afford will count. i’d like to raise $500, so if you’re a person who can afford more, please donate accordingly.

2. after making a donation, leave a comment on this post.

as a bonus, if you share this post on twitter or instagram and tag me (@faiche_stiabhna on both), i’ll enter you a second time.

that’s it! just make a donation, leave a comment, and you’re entered to win! you can increase your chances by letting other people know about this giveaway and helping me raise more money for the ruth ellis center.

a winner will be announced on July 10
which i’m hoping is enough time
to reach my goal of $500.

fingers crossed!

23 Responses to “free to a good home (almost)”

  1. Jeanne Long Says:

    I started weeping when I read this post, and when that cleared up enough to see my credit card, I donated. Love the REC, the shawl, the dog, your plan, etc.

  2. TheBon Says:

    I made a donation, and I was happy to do so without needing to be entered to win, but I didn’t know how you were tracking the donation and the amount donated.

  3. Joan Says:

    Yes!!!! Yes. and yes.:):):) Thank you, on my own behalf and that of my friends, two of my own dear children and their spouses, ex spouses, and partners, and for my wonderful, courageous clients in foster care. XXXXOOOO

  4. Donna Says:

    I think your knitting is beautiful and I’m delighted to make a donation to the Ruth Ellis Center. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Done and done. ❤

  6. Karen Clark Says:

    Donation made with (hopefully) a corporate match! thanks for being an awesome human and suggesting this great organization. xoxo

  7. Donation made AND my company is implementing a corporate match program so I’m hoping to get you double! Thanks for being an amazing human and supporting this great organization. xo

  8. jessica Says:

    LOVE THIS. Donation made. Fingers crossed for exceeding your goal. ❤

  9. Iz Says:

    What a beauty! Just donated.

  10. sonyaphilip Says:

    Made my donation this morning, thank you so much for doing this Stephen!

  11. sonyaphilip Says:


  12. astrbear Says:

    What a lovely thing to do! Donation made.

  13. Bilge Uz Says:

    Donated! This is a gorgeous work and I’m happy either way to donate to a great organization, thank you!

  14. Holy wow. Happy to donate and will go boost on Twitter. Thank you for doing this, and what a STUNNER. ♥️ Rachael and lala (yarnagogo and the wife)

  15. charasarah Says:

    Done! Absolutely gorgeous. Love all of this and love you!

  16. charasarah Says:


  17. Rachelle Says:

    Hi! I just donated $15. Beautiful work and a great cause.

  18. Carrie Says:

    Done, cuz Rachael H said you needed $30

  19. Melanie Gall Says:

    Just donated! It wasn’t a huge donation, since I’m an artist in Covid times. But every bit counts 🙂

  20. Joanne Clark Says:

    I shared the Twitter link, and tried to make a donation from NZ – (Error processing transaction. Please contact the owner of the form for more information.) I guess they don’t accept donations from other countries 😦

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