iii’m dooone!

June 18, 2020

my first lace project.
started june 21, 2009

shetland tea shawl

finished june 18, 2020,
just shy of it’s 11th birthday.

so many years in hibernation.
so many mistakes:
twisted cast on
wrong yarn
wrong gauge
some quirky design decisions that made it difficult to knit.
*shakes fist at dale long in purgatory*

but the knitting,
she is done.

now what the fuck am i gonna do?

4 Responses to “iii’m dooone!”

  1. Linda Cannon Says:

    Love it, can’t wait to see it blocked.

  2. Jill Kepler Says:

    It is always so good to hear that knitting guru’s also, occasionally, face those same challenges as the rest of us! I could put numerous check marks next to all the challenges listed above.

    I am also using this time to finish off projects that have been in time out. Nothing, however, as lofty as this! Your work is so beautiful!

  3. Carol Piskoti Says:

    Get those needles clicking again! Pick a glorious yarn and knit like the wind❣️

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