June 6, 2018

knitting fam, i need your help.

i got some solid knitting done on my flight

(obligatory knitting on tray table pic)

suddenly, i found myself past
the halfway point
on the lace

buuut. i’m worried
there may be
a problem.

when i stretch out the shawl, it’s…tough.

to stretch that is.

i’m worried this thing is going to be a dud,
and that i won’t know till i’m done.

those of you who’ve made circular shawls, have any of them ended up not blocking flat?? can the center bubble up like some kind of weird alien lace permaboob?

i find myself regretting
talking so much shit
about certain

this karma.

4 Responses to “worried”

  1. Hope Says:

    Pretty sure it will block out BUT I’m no expert.

  2. Sue Says:

    Can you thread the live stitches through a lifeline and see how flat it lays? You need to flatten that bitch out!

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