the truth is out there

August 7, 2013

this morning i received a package from an anonymous source.
in it was the as yet unseen evidence of the clockwork
and its time on the fiber trash girls’s retreat.
again, the details are sketchy;
no one knows what actually happened.
but it looks like some freaky shit may have gone down.
(names have been omitted to protect the innocent)
retreat 7
retreat 8
retreat 9
retreat 10
retreat 11
retreat 12
retreat 13(that one’s my favorite)
retreat 14(she’s serving “don’t fuck with the woolydaisy” realness)
retreat 15
retreat 16
retreat 17
retreat 18
retreat 19
retreat 20you could not pay me to go down there. so blair witch.
retreat 21i . . . there are no words.
but by my count,
the clockwork hung out with at least
8 women, 1 corgi, 1 braid of wool top,
and a felted alien.

only in california.

thanks again to the fiber trash girls and the woolydaisy for hosting the clockwork! edit: that was my 350th post!

4 Responses to “the truth is out there”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I was shouting at my screen, “Don’t go down the basement stairs! Don’t go down the basement stairs!” Have they never seen a horror movie?

    Great pics!

  2. Soxchik Says:

    She’s heading down the cellar for a jug o’ whiskey. Watch out Wooly!!!

  3. SarahG Says:

    I have decided to stop just lurking, and to wish you congratulations on 350!! I love the blog and can’t wait for the next 350!

  4. Anonymous, too Says:

    Yikes! Looks like a cross between Gunsmoke and Westworld! And I suspect the clockwork now smells a little like moonshine. . .;-)!

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