golden state

August 6, 2013

in mid july,
stephanie and the fiber trash girls
took the clockwork on their annual (knitting?) retreat.
i think their motto is “what happens in the woods, stays in the woods”
because i have no explanation for the following images.

this is their cabin
image 1
image 2very deliverance chic.

then there’s this . . . gentleman.
not sure which is creepier: a clockwork on a dummy with a gun
image 3
image 4or with a baby (lover?)

then there’s this guy
image 5proving that clockworks should only be worn by dogs.

notice there’re no pictures of stephanie or any of the fiber trash girls, themselves. we can only assume that these retreats of theirs are so debaucherous that all evidence is destroyed.
if it ever existed in the first place
image 6anyone else getting a blair witch vibe from these pics?

thanks ladies for taking care of the clockwork!
(and getting the blood stains out)

7 Responses to “golden state”

  1. cauchy09 Says:

    ohhhh, umm,…ahem.

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I can’t get the banjo music out of my head….

    On a serious note, that last picture is simply stunning.

  3. lollyknits Says:

    Dogs look way too fabulous in the clockwork. It’s not even fair.

  4. Woolydaisy Says:

    If yarn were meth we’d have no teeth! Just sent you evidence that yes, the retreat truly does exist and is not a figment!

  5. Soxchik Says:

    They forgot to show you the still back in the woods!

  6. Woolydaisy Says:

    The still is down in the cellar!

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