breakfast in bed

July 7, 2013

20130707-074112.jpgnot feeling so hot after last night.
super salty spicy garlicky pickley goodness
with some ristretto roasters beaumont blend (i think) =
hitting the mothafuckin spot this a.m.

4 Responses to “breakfast in bed”

  1. JDKnitter Says:

    Lol you’re so korean 😛 I’m korean (born) and have no kimchi in my fridge.. #shame

  2. countingsheepstudio Says:

    Send some of that my way…

  3. Martha Says:

    Come cook that for me???
    Mind you, I have the peuchu kimchi already….

  4. sarahvv Says:

    Um, that breakfast looks AMAZING. I had pancakes & bacon, but I bet they would have been better with kimchi.

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