it’s raining

May 22, 2013

i’m depressed.
i’ve started something new.
DPP_1494it doesn’t suck.

5 Responses to “it’s raining”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    If you lived in Chicago you could’ve had a naked lady run by in the rain. Not that it would help your depression, but it would provide added entertainment for you and Mo.

  2. cauchy09 Says:

    quilting, perchance???

  3. Anonymous, too Says:

    Or some other sewing project? Perhaps a snazzy vest or bow-tie for you and/or Mr. Mo to wear to a summer wedding, graduation, or other formal event? New curtains, pillow covers, or some such made from something you’ve woven?? A new costume to wear to whatever fan convention/midnight movie screening floats your boat??? My bet is on the vest(s) and/or bow-ties(s). . .but I’m probably wrong. :-(.

  4. Kris Says:

    Perhaps Bobbin Lace, you just need a pillow and some thing to wrap your thread around, (bobbins) they can be pencils or snap clothes pins taken a part, have fun . You have a international guild nearby.

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