reading is fundamental

May 1, 2013

i firmly believe that all my happiness originates from the my mailbox.
recently, i’ve received a few things in the mail that have made me happy, but today’s arrival takes the proverbial cake.
IMG_8880this postcard art was made by jen cooney.
jen is, what i would call, a bar friend,
one of those people you see at the bar
and run into each other at all the same events
because you travel in the same, small, queer circle of people
though, for whatever reason, you’ve never really hung out
and your interactions have been largely limited to complimenting one another on the fabulosity of our outfits. believe you me,
you have not lived until you have seen jen cooney
in space face.

she put up a notice on facebook that she was doing mail art
and if anyone wanted one, to just send her their address.
i was a little reticent since, as i’ve said,
we weren’t very close back in the burgh
and i’ve been gone now for two years now.
but my love of mail prevailed and i sent my address.

best. decision. ever.

i tell you what,
this postcard makes me miss the queer community in pittsburgh.
whereas many people loathe the bubble-like insularity of such a small city, i miss those moments in the streets (or whole foods) of chance encounter throughout the city, that nod of acknowledgment that, yes,
we were both shaking a tail feather last night in the same place
and i may have been a hot mess but at least i looked fabulous.

there’s nothing like that here.

somehow, this image perfectly captures the essence of my life
and provided exactly the smile i needed to finish out finals week.

thanks jen!

4 Responses to “reading is fundamental”

  1. Soxchik Says:

    Ha! RIF!!!! I remember that, as well as the rubella umbrella, and the Pica balloon!!!! And don’t forget to cross at the green and not in between.

  2. nook. Says:

    i can totally see why this made your day. even without all of your fantastic memories of your bar friend…. this is the best post card i’ve seen. ever. hoi hoi. thank you for sharing! xo

  3. Anonymous, too Says:

    Once again, Mo makes an excellent model — even for a smoking jacket! Wonder what he’s reading. . .”The Hound of the Baskervilles”, perhaps? (Yes, I know he’s a French bulldog, and not an English bulldog. Sherlock Holmes had some French ancestry!)

  4. lollyknits Says:

    I adore that picture. Does she sell her art?

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