sashay away

February 20, 2013

while i doubt it will be as good as project runway,
and can’t possibly hold a candle to rupaul’s drag race,
i must admit i find the concept to be rather intriguing.

what do we think?
will this be cool?
will it be boring?
should i blog along with snarky commentary?

11 Responses to “sashay away”

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    I thought about entering but then came to my senses. In the meantime, I’ll be following it so snarky commentary would be a lovely bonus.

  2. sarahvv Says:

    YES BLOG ALONG! They did say “All the Stevens”… 🙂

  3. heidi Says:

    Answers to your questions-
    THoughts? Cirilia is sooo cute.
    Cool? No
    Boring? Probably
    Snarky blogs? YES PLEASE!

  4. Debbie in Pittsburgh Says:

    Please do – I don’t get that channel and I LOVE Drag Race. I SOOOO miss it!

  5. Anonymous, too Says:

    Blog along young Jedi!

    Besides, I think it’s a damn shame your academic studies probably won’t let you enter the contest. You do have 3 designs that could be modeled by the BGS Chief Cuteness Officer, don’t you? He’s got enough charisma that his presence alone should get you selected. . .;-)!

  6. Nancy Paris Says:

    What ever you want to write about, I will revel in it. I miss you terribly.

  7. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    I nominate you to be the Fiber Factor’s Tim Gunn. I want your commentary bitch!

  8. lollyknits Says:

    You should *always* blog along with snarky commentary. In what universe is that not a great idea?

  9. kelli in Chicago Says:

    Miss your posts – please blog along and comment on anything you want. You make this bitch laugh out loud.

  10. cauchy09 Says:

    i demand snarky commentary!

  11. misa Says:

    Chantaaaaay! I would watch it for sure. If you’re not on it, they should at least hire you for live tweets and blogging.

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