mdsw ’12

May 6, 2012

as you all well know,
academia has limited my knitting time.
the cruelest iteration of this limitation
is that the weekend of maryland sheep and wool
falls during the final push of the end of my semester.
so while all of you, my yarny friends,
frolic in with sheep, yarn, and bearded men in utilikilts,
i’m still here in my office trying to finish two papers
and my hot pants remain sadly folded in a drawer.


it’s good to know as much as i miss mdsw
my absence has not gone unnoticed.
i received this blurry image via text message.
the text reads, “a beard in a kilt for you!”
and while it came from an number i don’t recognize,
and therefore it’s possible some knitter stalker has gotten ahold my number, the gesture was just the shot in the arm i needed to wrap this shit up so i can knit again.
speaking of,
gotta get back to it.

p.s. stay tuned for what i hope will be a summer of knitterly overcompensation for the yarny dearth of the past 9 months.

6 Responses to “mdsw ’12”

  1. thececrux Says:

    I saw that guy too! I was at Connie Togels booth yesterday to look at her sheep paintings, and the guy with her said there was a guy in hot orange hot pants & boots walking around. I thought for sure it might have been you, but in fact you were not there. I even looked for you..Bummer you didn’t make it 😦

  2. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Sorry you’re missing it but glad you’re being kept in the loop!

  3. Anonymous, too Says:

    I hope you didn’t drool on those papers. . .;-)!

  4. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    Ha, that was me! I texted you the beardy guy in the kilt! You & your hot pants were missed.

  5. Brooke Says:

    show me a man in a kilt, and I will show you a woman in love… but he’d best shave the beard.. my motto is little or no hair where the mouth goes…wooly beards = bad…. (PS: I am a toad..still have the fiber you gifted to me and have not done squat with it….please forgive.. i will be a good spinner again very soon….

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