mo wanted me to inform you

March 11, 2012

that we’re not dead.
we’ve just been on spring break.
we’ll be getting out of bed shortly
to show you some yarn.

8 Responses to “mo wanted me to inform you”

  1. Nancy Paris Says:

    Now I can see the family resemblance. What a pair to draw to!

  2. Anonymous, too Says:

    All those tequila shots, beach volleyball games, and wet t-shirt contests can certainly exhaust one. Hope you two didn’t end up in one of those “Boys Gone Wild” videos!

  3. awww Poor Mo looks exhausted! I luv him ❤

  4. Marie Says:

    Awwww so adorable!

  5. Annie Says:

    ooh, i know that feeling, stay. right. there, as long as you can, you’re not gonna miss out on anything.. promise

  6. Sally at RivendaleFarms Says:

    Nap while you can. I think everyone needs a Mo.

  7. Aw!! Mo’s so cute! Heck, you two look adorable together!!!

  8. Guess Who Says:

    Hey! You guys still napping? We want updates. No more yawning. Get to the Yarning. LOL

    (a pun from the home front)

    And when do I get my next lesson?

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