i kissed a boy at midnight

January 6, 2012

and the next day i had the mothah fuckin’ plague.
we’re talking bloody swollen tonsils,
fevers, shaking, mild hallucinations/dreams.
it was like i was in some kind of sweat lodge or something.
(go ahead bible thumpers. use it as evidence)

i called my mom to inform her that i planned on staggering to the hospital. i live a couple blocks away from one. i think ahead.

apparently, that was nonsense.
apparently, going to the emergency room for violent shaking due to a high fever and a pain in my throat so severe i thought death had taken up residence in my mouth would not have been covered by insurance.
apparently, if you can live with that kind of misery (which apparently one can), it does not constitute an emergency.

instead, she dispatched my father
who then brought me to her office
where i was promptly jabbed in the ass with a needle.


i then spent about six hours in my childhood bed
where my fever convinced me i had figured out the science/math of pain. (i shit you not. i thought i had solved the formula for how pain worked and was measured. a fever is a powerful thing)

i’m better, now.

i love western medicine.

which allows me to tell you of my recent plan to finish up some projects

it clearly goes without saying
that being a phd student cuts into one’s knitting time.
which means i haven’t had a fo to show in a while.

but as the new semester approaches,
i really felt the need to finish something.

and i did.

i got up first thing to try to take a lovely photo for you all.
ok so it was a bit too early.

so i waited and took a few more later.
when i first moved back to michigan, i was heartbroken.
more than once i found myself weeping,
bracing myself against various lintels and such.

i decided to cast on this shawl as way to work through it.

as things got better, (and they really did)
and i found my happiness here,
i stopped working on it.

i didn’t need this shawl anymore.
pattern: terra yarn: mad tosh pashmina in ‘mare’

i modified the pattern to work with a sport weight yarn. i didn’t write down the math but if you wanted i’m sure you could figure it out.

it’s being sent off to nancy, a loyal reader and sock summit stalker.
(literally, she knew what class i was taking and waited outside the door to meet me. that is dedication i can get behind).
she is taking this lovely shawl in lieu of the socks i owe her.
i think it’s a smart trade; god only knows when those socks will get done. and, really, does a lady in san diego need a pair of wool man socks?

i don’t think so.

it’ll be in the mail later today nance!

i should have another fo soon.
anyone want to guess what oldie i’m working on?

13 Responses to “i kissed a boy at midnight”

  1. Addknitter Says:

    Love your Terra, it’s a beaut! Glad both pains have subsided:)

  2. jen Says:

    man i wish could knit like that…fab shawl…

  3. Yokoo Says:

    I’m so happy you are ok now but I’m even happier that I’m not single! lol

    Your work is always beautiful and onpoint (i know it’s not one word but it should be.)

  4. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful shawl – I’m glad it served a good purpose and now is a gorgeous gift!

    I, too, kissed a boy at midnight. Granted it’s the same boy I’ve been married to for 22 years, but lucky for me he’s still really good at it. Happy to hear you’re over your plague and feeling better!

  5. kelli ann Says:

    Oh, gorgeous. Glad to hear you’re on the mend…

  6. Adrienne Says:

    Good lord that is a gorgeous thing. Well done.

  7. Carol P Says:

    That’s a lovely shawl. Glad you are feeling better!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Nancy Paris Says:

    Hoe Lee Cow!
    No wonder one hears about so many stalkers! Stalking is really easy and I am being rewarding for this deviant behavior with a luxurious shawl.
    I am a big cornball but it is such a pleasure to know a young person who is so talented, dedicated, fresh and energetic.
    Thank you for sharing your life in your blog and for your generous gift.
    Nancy P

  9. Anonymous, too Says:

    The shawl looks gorgeous. I like the way you used a color and a yarn weight other people may not have considered for a shawl. (And the sofa selected to model it was an excellent choice, too.)

    You may have said in an earlier post, but I didn’t know your mom worked in health care. No wonder she made such a great nurse when you had Son of Appendicitis! Was she the lucky person to perform acupuncture on your butt?? (Watches for red glow of blush to show over Lake Michigan.)

  10. Naomi (Artystitches) Says:

    Lovely shawl, I am glad you are better, and I hope you have a better year this year, loving your blog I always read your posts.

  11. Audry Says:

    I wish you had written out the formula to pain. I’ll bet it would have been a really interesting read.
    And I love me some pashmina. It’s like knitting with a cloud. That shawl looks absolutely lovely. Nancy is one lucky gal.

  12. Crystal Says:

    I just found you (your blog) my dear and I love ya. Your posts make me smile and I am turning a bit green from envy about that shawl. Love it!

  13. Yarnyoldkim Says:

    Gorgeous shawl. Sucks about the plague. However, keep on kissing boys!

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