April 22, 2011

well bitches,
i’ve pulled through.
i’m recovering happily at home.

the meds i’m on make it a little difficult to focus,
but here’s what i’ll say:

whatever you feel about healthcare,
who gets it, how it’s paid for, and how we deal with it here,
all i know is that the healthcare system did not fail me.
without it, i would be dead now.

there are several instances where i came close to it.

don’t get me wrong,
it was fucking hell (evidence below).
and it still is since i’m exactly done with everything.
there were times where i felt ignored, forgotten,
like no one would listen to me.

i’m here.
and grateful.

like i said,
the drugs are making it difficult to do normal things.
recovering makes it difficult to do normal things.

but in the next couple days,
i have some yarny goodness planned for you.
stick with me bitches.

mostly, though, i want to say thank you.
thank you to all the readers, inter-knitters, and friends
for your good thoughts, your well wishes, comments and prayers,
for all the tweets, texts, visits, and vibes from across the globe.

it was a dark time for me,
you all helped keep me strong.

so thanks, bitches.
i’m still here!