i’m alive. i promise.

June 8, 2010

i’ve been a both a busy bee and a lazy bum.
i feel like i’ve been working (in various forms) constantly;
then i look around me,
and i’ve gotten so little done.

since i’ve been away from the blog for almost a week,
let’s play catch up, shall we?

there have also been some minor plagues upon my house,
like an e-mail coup,
and bicycle theft.

but then came a ray of sunshine in the form of yarn:

a few months ago,
my dear friend nancy went to a sheep shearing event.
we decided that if it wasn’t to expensive,
we’d go in on a fleece together.

(she’s thrifty and i tend toward the broke side of the financial spectrum depending on how far i am from pay day)

nancy picked out the fine coat of isis,
a particularly handsome shetland sheep.
she’s no expert on fleeces,
but since her quick purchase garnered many jealous looks from her fellow shearers and pickers, she knew she hit the jackpot.

since, at the time, neither of could spin,
we sent it off to a mill in michigan (my beloved homeland),
stone hedge fiber mill
i love their shepherd’s wool, (so should all of you)
and when i found out they will process a fleece not only into roving,
but into yarn, i knew where i was sending our beloved isis wool.

a few months later, and here it is,
1250 yards of a beautiful aran yarn.
i don’t know how they managed it,
but they made a shetland fleece feel like merino.
seriously, it’s softer than cascade 220.

since splitting the yarn meant neither of us would have enough,
we made a deal: i get to knit the yarn, she gets the garment.
come fall, this will become a lovely cabled vest for nancy.
and suggestions for a pattern?

in other news,
i have begun working on the juneberry triangle.
it is by far the most difficult thing i have ever knit,
and i am not ashamed to say that it brought me as close to crying i have ever come over knitting. i’ll have more details about it later, but suffice it say, my love/hate of jared flood burns ever stronger.

speaking of providing further details, here’s an update on project 10.
my first “interview” is with melynda of french press knits
and i’m totally stoked that my first participant will be a fellow michigander. we’re both working hard on this one bitches.

since i want this to be as much about the community as it is about me,
i’d love it if at least one of the 10 questions came from you all.
if there’s anything you’re dying to know about melynda,
leave your question in the comments.

and keep an eye on the blog folks,
i’m hoping to get it out before the end of june.

à bientôt mes petites chiennes.

p.s. lately, i’ve been doing most of my writing at the quiet storm
it’s an independently (queer/women?) owned vegetarian diner,
and my favorite place in pittsburgh.

i thought i’d give them a shout out since they take such good care of me and my insatiable need for cheese, broccoli, tofu, and iced coffee:

if you’re passing through the burgh,
you need to try the home fries.

if you live here already,
why aren’t you sitting across from me right now?

3 Responses to “i’m alive. i promise.”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Because I’m at work, you silly bee.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Because I live on the other side near Philly 😦

    and…I’m jealous of you and Jared’s shawl..I’m tempted but i KNOW it will make me cry, so I dare not.

  3. Katie Says:

    ahh! The Quiet Storm. We spent nearly 3 hours there last Sunday. Amazing food, coffee coffee coffee. I plan on spending a lot of time there next year.

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