microblog 10

January 15, 2012

any guesses?

går till sverige

January 9, 2012

veronica and i occasionally send each other academic dream thingies.
we sometimes send other types of dream thingies,
like fashion or food thingies.

the most recent thingie she sent me was about a conference in sweden.

when i get an idea in my head,
i often find it difficult to shake it.
it’s not that i’ve always wanted to go to sweden per se,
but the idea of going to hear people in my field give an interesting talk, and maybe sneak out to see some scandanavian knitting stuff, well,
it was an idea i couldn’t shake.

so i did the american thing.
i charged it.

that’s right bitches,
i’m going to stockholm.
in february.

it’s going to be cold, to be sure,
but i’ve got layers.

coincidentally, as part of my “finish it up” impulse,
i finished my green mist bohus hat.you want to see the inside, don’t you?this knit was definitely a challenge
but absolutely worth it.
i made a couple mistakes
(i.e. skipped like 5 rows on accident)
but it fits my head and looks like a hat.
i don’t recommend it as your first color work ever,
but i feel strongly everyone should knit a bohus design at some point.

in fact, go to solsilke
pick your favorite bohus stickning,
and order a kit from solveig gustafsson.

worth. it.

it’ll make you a better person.

i originally wanted to keep this hat for myself,
and it looks damn good on me.
but i felt someone else needed more.
so once i’ve woven in all those ends,
(a task i am not looking forward to)
it will be sent it off to my fibery friend, misa.
she is a color work queen, and her stuff consistently inspires me.
i can think of no one more deserving.

but i think i’ll take it with me to sweden first.
it deserves to see it’s homeland at least once.

so misa, you have to wait six weeks to get it.
it’ll probably take me that long to weave in the ends anyway.

to end, i leave you with this,
which is by far one of my favorite videos of all time (and also swedish).
(ps can anyone confirm if that’s really cher at 4:27?)

i kissed a boy at midnight

January 6, 2012

and the next day i had the mothah fuckin’ plague.
we’re talking bloody swollen tonsils,
fevers, shaking, mild hallucinations/dreams.
it was like i was in some kind of sweat lodge or something.
(go ahead bible thumpers. use it as evidence)

i called my mom to inform her that i planned on staggering to the hospital. i live a couple blocks away from one. i think ahead.

apparently, that was nonsense.
apparently, going to the emergency room for violent shaking due to a high fever and a pain in my throat so severe i thought death had taken up residence in my mouth would not have been covered by insurance.
apparently, if you can live with that kind of misery (which apparently one can), it does not constitute an emergency.

instead, she dispatched my father
who then brought me to her office
where i was promptly jabbed in the ass with a needle.


i then spent about six hours in my childhood bed
where my fever convinced me i had figured out the science/math of pain. (i shit you not. i thought i had solved the formula for how pain worked and was measured. a fever is a powerful thing)

i’m better, now.

i love western medicine.

which allows me to tell you of my recent plan to finish up some projects

it clearly goes without saying
that being a phd student cuts into one’s knitting time.
which means i haven’t had a fo to show in a while.

but as the new semester approaches,
i really felt the need to finish something.

and i did.

i got up first thing to try to take a lovely photo for you all.
ok so it was a bit too early.

so i waited and took a few more later.
when i first moved back to michigan, i was heartbroken.
more than once i found myself weeping,
bracing myself against various lintels and such.

i decided to cast on this shawl as way to work through it.

as things got better, (and they really did)
and i found my happiness here,
i stopped working on it.

i didn’t need this shawl anymore.
pattern: terra yarn: mad tosh pashmina in ‘mare’

i modified the pattern to work with a sport weight yarn. i didn’t write down the math but if you wanted i’m sure you could figure it out.

it’s being sent off to nancy, a loyal reader and sock summit stalker.
(literally, she knew what class i was taking and waited outside the door to meet me. that is dedication i can get behind).
she is taking this lovely shawl in lieu of the socks i owe her.
i think it’s a smart trade; god only knows when those socks will get done. and, really, does a lady in san diego need a pair of wool man socks?

i don’t think so.

it’ll be in the mail later today nance!

i should have another fo soon.
anyone want to guess what oldie i’m working on?

big trouble in little china

December 27, 2011

that’s what’s playing on my tv right now.
(gotta love netflix for providing those ’80s classics)

so the other day, i knit a hat.
(it’s a present so i can’t show you)
when i looked at the little leftover ball,
i got the idea that, perhaps,
i could eek out another one.

nothing fancy, mind.

just a simple sailory skull cap.

“what the hell,” thought i,
“let’s give it whirl.”

but as i started my decreases tonight,
it didn’t look like i was going to make it;
the ball, well, it just looked too small.
(that’s what she said)

now, something weird happens when you think you’re going to run out of yarn. you start knitting more quickly, as if you can outrun the yarn or something. at least, that’s how it works with me.

as i got closer and closer and the stitches fewer and fewer,
it became pretty clear that this was a no go,
and i’d wasted all this time knitting.

frankly, the thought pissed me off.
if i’d done all this knitting
and couldn’t finish? well,
it just pissed me off!

i mean, i’ve been doing this for a while now.
i should’ve just gotten new ball.
i felt like such a chump.

but of course,
i didn’t stop knitting.
i refused to believe that i was wrong.
my will is powerful, and i would not be denied!
plus i kinda have this sick curiosity;
i just needed to know how close i was.

well, i’ll show you.
what’s that?

let’s take a closer look
oh why that would be a finished hat, bitches.
with just enough yarn to close up the top.

so suck it, knitting gods!
i owned your asses tonight!

of course, now i can’t find my chibis,
but i know they’re around here somewhere.

yarn: cascade 220. pattern: my own hat know-how

the metaphor that best describes my life these days
would be something like surfing.
each week is a new wave
and somehow,
i’m on top of this one.

which has allowed me to knit a little on my sock.
those of you who’ve been with me a while
might even recognize the yarn.



*sigh* it’s like i’m working with chimps.
it’s the silkie socks that rock that i dyed
a year and half ago at the knot hysteria silk retreat

i remember (though it may be a hallucination)
that i was going for long color runs.
and lookwide stripes. exactly as i planned. i think.

i can’t wait to take a shot in the daylight,
one that shows off the subtle genius of the dyer.

but i have a question:
how much further do you think i should knit
before i begin decreasing?
it’s been forever since
i knit a sock.


p.s. it’s so good to write a post about knitting again.

a new direction

October 8, 2011

when i decided to go fro my phd,
i understood my knitting time would be severely reduced.
however, i don’t think i realized what “reduced” really meant.
i’ve considered that it might be prudent to give up the blog,
since the frequency of my f.o.’s will be greatly reduced.
but that kinda feels like quitting.
i wasn’t sure.

just when i thought this was the end of bitchesgetstitches,
i received a comment on my baltic blossoms shawl:

“This project was the reason I decided on this pattern for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding present – Thank you!

(She doesn’t know that, but I think she might thank you too if she did)”

and what a beautiful shawl she made!

this was exactly what i needed.
i write this blog because people read it,
because, for some reason, my knitting speaks to other knitters.
and while, in the scheme of things, that might not be a big deal,
it makes me happy.

i want the blog to continue.
and if i want it to remain relevant and interesting,
i’m gonna need to get creative.

for now, i want to thank alyssa
for reminding me of my priorities!

microblog 4

September 26, 2011

it’s 6:30 am.
i’m studying.
i have a fever.
i’m wearing a hat.

the dustland hat.
you should knit one, too.

(this is a microblog. bad web cam photos are part of their charm)


September 24, 2011

well i guess i’ve let this drag on long enough.
it’s time to announce some winners.

first prize, my thendara, goes to tina b.
the random number generator picked her number.
congrats babe!

there was only supposed to be one second secret prize;
it was meant for the person who resposted the giveaway in most creative way. but how could i pick just one when
two ladies really stood out.

first there was tammy.
tammy got her coworkers to harass me into giving her my thendara.
i firmly believe in harassing people to get things you want.
i think it’s an only child thing.

while i couldn’t just give her my thendara
(that would be breaking the rules after all)
i have to applaud that kind of ingenuity.

then we have cynthia s.
she printed out my blog post
and stuck it out on a telephone pole.
that, bitches, is some fucking creativity.

so cynthia and tammy will be getting a copy of westknits book three
compliments of yours truly.

if either of you makes a thendara,
i’d love to see it.

until next time!

mircoblog giveaway

September 16, 2011

i don’t have much time,
but since so many people so belligerently kindly told me
that my thendara was worth it, i’ll give it away.

the bitches get stitches thendara giveaway

the rules: the only thing you need to do to enter this giveaway is share this blog post in some fashion. you can tweet it, blog it, google+ it, post on ravelry, whatever. there should even be some convenient buttons at the bottom of the post to make sharing easier.

then, just leave a comment letting me know that you did it.
we’re on the honor system here.

the prize(s):
my thendara (minus the mo, obviously), knit in sanguine gryphon bugga!.

there will also be a secret prize given to the person who(m?) i deem reposts this in the most interesting way.

good luck bitches!

edit: a winner has been chosen. thanks for playing!

p.s. you can currently pre-order westknits book three and knit one for yourself as well! go on. buy it. now!

this is just to say

September 13, 2011

i have made a,
stephen west
neck accessory,

the yarn carried up
the side is
too tight,
it puckers.

does an imperfect
edge mean i
shouldn’t give it

(seriously. i wanted to give this away on the blog, but is it wrong to give away something with a wonky edge? does anybody want it?)


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