i wove something

October 9, 2011

it’s just a sampler, and it’s pretty wonky.
but it’ll make a nice mini-runner for my writing desk.

i have to say that weaving is pretty intriguing.
it’s not as intuitive as knitting is for me
but it still accesses that . . . thing
that creative part of me that needs to get out.
weaving feels like a lot more work than knitting ever has,
but the finished product was definitely worth the effort.

maybe i’ll get a loom, since,
you know,
i have all this time on my hands.

13 Responses to “i wove something”

  1. Malia Says:

    Absolutely love it!! I would love one please. Just let me know what you charge. ~ Malia

  2. susan Says:

    Nice! What’s the fiber?

  3. carmel Says:

    I love it!! And I think Mo does too :)
    Glad you decided to keep blogging because everyone loves you and you are inspiring for all knitters :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Get a loom. Joe… errr, Elise got me the Cricket for Mother’s day (from Woven Art). Now I’m asking for a bigger rigid heddle for Christmas. Love the look of woven fabric, and I *love* how this piece turned out.

  5. Iz Says:

    I love the slight contrast in the two colors. I wish I could weave!

  6. Chancy Says:

    Love it! I’ve weaved once too. It was awkward to move that way, but really neat to finish something in three hours. And it definitely did fill the “create” need. I should try it again.

  7. Tara Says:

    That’s some beautiful fabric!

  8. Audry Says:

    If you get a loom, you could weave all sorts of handspun yarns that you might make on your wheel.

  9. Sally at Rivendale Farms Says:

    Yup, a loom is going to show up – when I first thought about getting one, next thing I knew I had 5 and 3 of them were free.

  10. Brooke Says:

    weaving can become an addiction like crack cocaine. I started out with an ashford rigid heddle loom, then got a floor loom because I wanted to weave a tartan…then a triagle loom.. it is out of control….but a huge stash buster.

  11. So what kind of loom did you use?
    ps. we miss you in pittsburgh :)

  12. Anonymous, too Says:

    The colors are so Mo that he needs one in his size, for those “Sunday-Go-To-Grandmom’s” special occasions. You know, those occasions when he’s trying to impress her into giving him the hambone, or a turkey drumstick, or finding some other way though his stomach to his heart.

    (Keep trying Mo! You know she loves you when she gives Steve a big bag of leftovers for himself — and a slightly smaller bag for you!)

  13. Kathy Popoff Says:

    Great to have you in East Lansing and excited that you are getting into the wonderful world of weaving

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